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About Me

In 2017, Kayla Colby founded Colby Productions. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Television Arts from Cal State University, Kayla got her start as a freelance video editor in Los Angeles. But soon, she grew tired of the city life and longed for the fresh mountain air.

Originally from Montana, Kayla decided to follow her heart and move back to her hometown of Whitefish. Not long after, she created her own video production company, Colby Productions.

At Colby Productions, we pride ourselves on innovative and professional video production. Recently, our team has expanded our creative services into photography and graphic design.

If you're looking to visually enhance yourself or your business, Colby Productions can make your vision come alive. Check out some of our previous work and book a free consultation today!

Contact Me

If you are interested in purchasing a photo print, photo shoot, video shoot, graphic design or would like to do some collaboration please send me a message below with details and I will get back to you shortly!

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